Monday, November 05, 2007

are you clean now ? :-)

we had my baby shower yesterday, lots of fun didn't get bombarded like the sils threatened which is good, saw friends unfortunatey no cameras came out so no pics

we now have plenty of clothes and lots of supplies, I think I have enough wipes to last at least a month even though I was planning on using cloth ones I'll use the throw away ones first then have a go with the cloth ones and back to the throw away ones if I don't like the cloth ones (confusing enough?)

had bad sleep last night may be TMI but I leak, puddles everywhere, I have been told to wear Breast pads to stop the puddles, didn't have the heart to tell the MW that I generally sleep nakey and won't be changing that for a while

we have no food again I'm thinking kebabs would be good, ok so we have got food I just don't feel very creative atm and couldn't be bothered cooking anything probably because I haven't eaten for a while and that is making me feel a little sick

I'd better go and find something to put in my belly

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Kin said...

Ugh, I have leaky puddles, and before kids always slept naked. Now we have 2 toddlers competing for our bed every night I have to wear pj's sigh.

Spread a towel under you when you sleep, or even better a terry cloth nappy, it will catch all the drips and you can just chuck it in the wash in the morning.