Thursday, October 04, 2007

its a big day

I get up at 430 I get to bed around 930 it is a big day.

I am officially on compo, not that that is seen as a good thing but this fortnight I will be getting paid more than I have for a while because they pay an average so for the moment it is good

I saw a physio yesterday I am going back tomorrow, I can walk normally today so it must do some good I have to see a shoe specialist sometime next week in the search for boots with more support should be interesting, my "injury manager" was reluctasnt to allow it but the saftey man at work showed up some of his lack in knowledge, saftey man looked up my history, I have rolled my left ankle 3 times and right once in the last 8 months, and thats only the ones I reported

I'm tired I'm going to find something light for dinner and go to bed

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