Friday, August 24, 2007


I need sleep ........ I wake up at 430 with the alarm or earlier, eventually get up and go to work , do boring mundane jobs all day , get home absolutley buggered , sleep for a couple of hours, get up do things around the house, go to bed at arround 930-10, the boy gets home at around 11 and comes in and talks to me for a while then goes about making himself dinner while I try to get back to sleep then he comes to bed and talks some more befor rolling over and snoring his head off while I try to go back to sleep

I know I need to stop that afternoon nap, I also need to ask the boy to not wake me when I'm sleeping, he tried to get me to eat for two but at the moment I really need to sleep for two I left the gates open this morning and the dogs got out and were playing in nextdoor's front yard grrr I got a grumpy sms about it lucky he was home otherwise we may not have found them again

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