Monday, July 23, 2007

My bladder is not a punching bag

although someone seems to think so.....

I rang work today to tell them that I think I should look at doing light duties from next week the foreman was in a meeting so will have to talk to him tomorrow grrr

been feeling a little ick latley, mostly at bed time I need to eat better than what I do and I think
sleep less I wake up at around 7 curl back up and go to sleep again and wake up much later feeing really cruddy usually with a headache too which makes it even harder to actually get up tonight, I'm going to mums for dinner which will be a good start to eating better tomorrow I must make myself get up when I wake up and have breakfast, which needs to involve some form of protien I've been very lax with that latley, I need to eat more protien, I expect my blood pressure to be highish again on fridays visit,I also need to buy good yogurt, I got the homebrand strawberry flavour a few weeks ago, there is a reason that it is cheaper than the ski yogurt it just lacks something ........ like flavour

thinking I will take my nappies to mums tonight so that they can have their hot prewashes either tonight or on the weekend ifr I go early I could get started tonight hmmmm

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Berrie said...

OH my gosh how remiss of me are pregnant congratulations I am so happy for you..isnt the feeling like someone is trampling the bladder priceless LOL..
Enjoy the journey and the amazing experience it is becoming a mum...
All the very best to you
Berrie :)