Sunday, July 08, 2007

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well I found out that I needed a referal from the DR for the ultrasound, he assured me that the place he is sending me to has very good equipment which means very clear pics OK as long as all is good we are happy no intrest in knowing what its going to be you have gotta save some surprises for later, I always feel sad for people who first want to know what they are having so that they can pick a name and then they have elective C's(too lazy to work out the spelling) so that they can plan for an exact date(there are plenty of other reasons that I can understand including fear and problems with previous births) K's partner wanted this so he could fit it into his busy schedule, I would like to be more organised than I am but I think some things are best played by ear.

I am excited though I have booked the ultrasound for the 18th which for me is too far away, the cot is almost painted the nappies have been packed into a bag ready to go to mums for their first few washes, they need three hot washes to get the hemp absorbent, we only have gravity hot water which means not enough pressure for the machine *sigh* but it gives me an oppourtunity to show mum that they will be just as easy to use as disposables except that they need to be washed, last dinner at pas involved a conversation about nappies both mum and K argued that the soaking and the smell is too much to deal with easy to come back with answers for that one,

*there is no soaking - napisan would ruin all the pretty colours and an eventual build up of chemicals is bad for babys bum

* I have yet to experiance it but one website suggests that the soaking is the cause of the smell the water in the bucket causes the wee to come out of the nappy and float around in the bucket thus the smell, mums on the forums I have found also say that the bucket dosen't smell that bad they throw either a cloth with some lavender oil on it or a few drops in the bottom of the bucket or they sprinkle Bi-Carb in the botom like you do for the smells in the fridge ( I expect smell when opening the bucket though)

*I also through in the $2700 approxemate saving over 2 years which K automaticly assumed a cost issue for us and said she would buy us a box (the savings are a benifit but not a main reason)

they tried the old environmental impact thing (they think disposables and cloth have the same impact) the fact is it costs around $50 a year for the extra washing sun drying is recomended so the dryer will only be used on rainy weeks

the thing that got to me was that mum assured K that when baby come to stay with her he/she will be in disposables, it annoys me that mum would be so unsupportive, I wouldn't leave a baby with anyone for more than a few hours or maybe overnight regardless of type of nappy and when we came home I'd have to deal with a smelly disposable in the garbage, bad if its a monday or tuesday night ... the boy solved that problem for me baby would need changing before coming home

K gives me 12 weeks and I'll be using plastic, she dosen't realise that it took 2 pays to get my stash which cost around $1000 even if I don't like it I will be doing it especially now that she has issued the challenge

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jen said...

ohhhhhhh good luck with the ultrasound...looking forward to seeing the will post it won't you?