Friday, March 23, 2007

yet another exciting adventure

well, umm two or was it three days ago, My DLB, Darling Little Bro, sent me a message, his Gf had had a fight with her mum and needed someplace to go because the place she went to wasn't all that safe, a quick discussion with the boy and bang we now have a border , which is nice, but it makes life a little different, no more running around the house nakey, no more quick dashes to the bathroom, no more door open when sleeping, but other than that all is good, she is hardly here, she works 12 hr days in the city and doesn't eat very much , tomorrow I am on a mission to find a wardrobe, poor girl is still living out of shopping bags and we can't have that,

hoping to find a nice old one with a mirror on it and some drawers

Oh and I must not forget to vote tomorrow, I have to take the boy's nan to vote so I'm hoping I can absentee vote there otherwise I will have to go to 2 polling places, I knew I should have taken up that postal vote offer that they sent out I will have to do that next time, The Boy isn't registered so he doesn't have to , that is until they catch up with him and fine him $100s, I'm hoping that they don't catch up with him, he claims he will register when big issues are decided by referendum and it is no longer compulsory to vote

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