Tuesday, March 20, 2007

and life goes on

I'm tired I was working lots of OT in order to pay off the ute, new plan, we are selling the ute hopefully for a fair bit more than I owe on it then I'll get some back anyway because some of the loan is the cost of loan insurance, I hope it sells soon after I advertise.
Aparently I have to write to the bank for a bill of sale before selling it, I was hoping to be able to do it over the phone, they will also want a reason for me wanting to sell, especially since we are not buying a replacement the boy will help me with this tomorrow.
I still think it's crazy to do all of this just because we might have a child at the end of the year or early next year but it makes him happy and we aren't using the Ute atm anyway because we are both riding everywhere, but then there are the people who had to spend 6 months in bed/hospital due to sickness or something like that so it probably is not such a silly way of thinking I foun a quote I like I'll put it in my discription line it is

PLAN AHEAD It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark

It sorta reminds me of the way the boy thinks which is probably a good thing. the next few things that are on the list apart from moving the computer and re-aranging the wardrobe are all too specific to be worried about right now

the weight loss thing is working alot better now that I don't have th problem of the pills, (yes I know excuses excuses) weight gain is a side effect, I'm thinking I might stay off them, I have changed my diet yet again I am now only drinking shakes for breakfast untill I run out, Jen you were right losing weight quickly is inspiring but not eating real food and losing too quickly made me extra tired, so I am working on the whole portions and good food thing I eat only untill I feel comfortable, it is hard to teach myself that I don't have to eat the whole plate, the boy has been more supportive too, he asks me about halfway though dinner if I am full and do I really need to eat the rest which is a great help, I am now below the 73kg mark for the first time in ages which I'm very pleased with

well tis now well and truly bedtime for me, Merlot I'm working on updating more often I'm dissapointed I have let my updates get so far apart

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jen said...

Glad you have found a compromise with the weight loss....I like what you are doing now, sounds healthier too. Glad the boy is supporting...
And under 73...wowwwwwww well done!!